Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes on 'The Watcher' (Full Version)
from Tales from Paradise Heights on Vimeo

Behind The Scenes of 'The Watcher' (Short Version)

Director/Editor - Ben Mottershead (Tea Belly Productions)

This is the full version of the Behind The Scenes documentary made during production of the short film and Tale from Paradise Heights, 'The Watcher.'

Film-maker Ben Mottershead (Tea Belly Productions) was Second Unit Camera on The Watcher film itself, but between these duties, he was the Director/Editor of this Behind The Scenes documentary.

Compiling footage and photogrpahy from the Paradise Heights archive, pre-production, behind the scenes and in the immediate aftermath of The Watcher's premiere at The Lowry's DIGITfest, this film provides a glimpse not only into the world of Paradise Heights and it's creator, Joe O'Byrne, but into the film-making community in the North West UK.

The Watcher brought together a large number of talented and dedicated people, all working voluntary and against a deadline, to turn in (what we think at least) as a cinematic short film made to the highest professional standards. This film reveals our thinking behind it, why we did, how we did it, and what will happen next for all the members of Team Watcher.


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