Monday 31 October 2011

The Watcher - Full Film

The Watcher from Tales from Paradise Heights on Vimeo

Paradise Heights.

There are many tales from the Heights; drug fueled Kingdom where brutality reigns... a place where the right post code sells you a wrap or the wrong one buys you a bullet...every street has a story, every person has a tale...

But look further and you will find more... It's a place where Angels walk among the gangsters, sharks prostitutes and pimps...a place where between the crumbling walls and stripped out shells these people call home you will find heart, soul and humanity. There are many Tales from The Heights...

...and tonight is Halloween.

A little girl sits by her window, scared by 'the man' outside.
A family man, begins his lonely night-time vigil.
A taxi-driver, begins a shift that he will never forget.
And a loan shark stalks the streets, still haunted by his past...

This is the tale of THE WATCHER